Let's redefine what engagement really means

Build better teams. Have happier staff.

Interactive training to develop productive teams at work. No padding. No butcher’s paper. Just results. 

Using key elements of behavioural science and neuroscience, Beyond IQ creates a unique personalised program for a business to suit your specific professional needs.

Achieve the seemingly impossible: a harmonious and highly-productive work environment, with staff all pulling in the same direction. We’re talking genuine teamwork.

The benefits to a healthy and happy workplace are clear. 

  • Engaged workers. 
  • Lower turnover. 
  • Less sick days. 
  • Better results all round.

For the number crunchers, it’s a positive shock-wave of economic efficiencies that compounds and for everyone else, it’s the chance turn a stale and clunky workplace into somewhere staff enjoy.

Clients we've helped

We build high-functioning teams in forward-thinking workplaces throughout Western Australia. 

Beyond IQ offers customised interactive transformational experiences that address the way we engage in everyday life. 

Founder and Director Allan Adams excels at understanding emotional and intellectual perspectives, connecting and inspiring in a way that facilitates profound change on a personal and professional level. 
By truly comprehending the client’s goals and driving vision, Allan offers an incomparable opportunity for metamorphic self-evolution.
Put simply, he believes in people—and is driven to help them grow. 

Dig a little deeper

The BeyondIQ Process

Neuroscience and behavioural science are at the core of Beyond IQ’s approach, and integral to workplace behavioural change. What exactly does the Beyond IQ experience entail? 


Every Beyond IQ workshop is personalised to the needs of the organisation or individual, and Allan Adams will develop a unique program suited to your specific goals. 


A read of our case studies outlines the practical advantages of engaging Beyond IQ.

Contact us if you have any queries. 

Hi, I'm Allan

I inspire people. Using insight and science to create a conversation, I introduce opportunities that lead to experiencing life more peacefully, and successfully.

Interacting effectively with a variety of workplace personality types, my compassionate philosophy is to engage rather than alienate, and heal rather than hurt. Take a moment to get to know Beyond IQ.