Let's redefine what engagement really means


With over a decade of practical experience, Beyond IQ is passionate about engaging authentically with clients. 

Beyond IQ’s compelling platform stems from a behavioural science and neuroscience focus. 
Whether addressing workplace dynamics, interacting with executive corporate teams or coaching one-on-one, the pattern of engagement is specifically designed for each scenario.
By forging an invaluable connection, Allan assists in initiating behavioural awareness. An encounter with Beyond IQ has a priceless impact on group dynamics, resulting in ongoing beneficial changes in productivity.
From aspects affecting team dynamics to specialised executive and personal coaching, Allan’s practice extends beyond the standardised approach. His techniques are empathetic and engaging, emotionally fluent and intellectually inspiring.
The unwavering goal is always to contribute to your progress.

Meet the Beyond IQ team

Allan Adams and Deb Adams from Beyond IQ
Allan Adams and Deb Adams from Beyond IQ

Allan Adams

Allan discovered his ability to resolve conflicts and mediate successful outcomes for all parties involved when investigating breeches of workplace law and preparing matters for prosecution.

He had a non-compete closure rate of 98% and is the only investigator to receive a Ministerial Letter of Congratulations and Thanks, from the then Western Australia Minister for Labour Relations, Hon John Kobelke.

When asked why he was so successful in this role, he said “I can honestly say that there was not a single investigation that I conducted that did not have an element of miscommunication or sense of betrayal. I focussed upon resolving these two elements before resolving the breech of law”.

Combining his knowledge of employment law, human behaviour and communication, Allan turned his hand to Human Resource Management. In this role he was called upon to find solutions to complex human relationship problems that workplaces always develop.

As a trusted confidant to CEOs and Directors, he acted as their coach to some difficult and complex conversations and provided practical solutions that delivered the outcomes these CEOs and Directors were looking for: improved productivity; and better use of staff time.

Deb Adams

As the technical consultant for Beyond IQ, Deb works with Allan to explore how to bring the latest findings in the fields of psychology and neuroscience to inform the ways for people to achieve greatness. 

With an interest in the interface between the human brain and behaviour, Deb is particularly excited about the emerging field of brain plasticity and what this can mean for the future of human potential.

Deb Adams has Bachelor degrees in Microbiology/ Biochemistry & Psychology, and a Masters degree in Clinical Neuropsychology. She has a PhD in the field of Psychobiology. She is also married to Allan Adams.

Our approach to delivering workplace change


Lasting effects

Any person or workplace can fall into the practice of simply focusing on achieving short-term goals. 

But often what is not expressed, addressed or acknowledged can have a detrimental long-term impact, eroding workplace harmony, impeding development and limiting productivity.


Positive environments

Beyond IQ excels at building safe environments that assist participants in communicating their perspective, and articulating their concerns. 

By defining and evaluating proposed outcomes, workshops and coaching sessions assist with solution solving in the face of complex dynamics and unresolved conflicts.


Humanistic growth

Allan’s expertise stems from a deep understanding of the characteristics and behaviours that can result in hesitation or confrontation, and impede leadership.

He introduces attitudinal change in a profound way that resonates deeply with clients. His drive is to initiate transformations that extend beyond the professional world.


Inclusive training

Allan inspires people. Using insight and science to create a conversation, he introduces opportunities that lead to experiencing life more peacefully, and successfully. 

Interacting effectively with a variety of personality types, his compassionate philosophy is to engage rather than alienate, and heal rather than hurt.