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Case Studies and Feedback 

A read of our testimonials below outlines the practical advantages of engaging Beyond IQ. 

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Detailed Participant Feedback

Vlasta Mitchell
Director, Fremantle Multicultural Resource Centre 

“I have found that since the course I have improved my understanding of some things that have been paining me by not immediately taking things personally. 

Considering the fact that we do not know others as well as we might think, and there is always a back story.

A point you illustrated very well when you encouraged us to share aspects of ourselves that we would normally not share with colleagues.

At work this has resulted in improved sensitivity of each others’ situations – people seem overall more gentle with each other, it is beautiful to watch. Obviously this results in a more harmonious work environment and greater productivity.

Thank you again Allan, you are a gem!”

Mike Matthews
Financial Officer, Westpac Bank 

“The course came at a difficult time in my life and in no small way helped me to find a new path forward. 

It caused me to critically examine my reactions to certain situations and to seek the source of my emotional responses.

If you embrace its concepts fully, you will find this course challenging but rewarding … I certainly did.”

Faizel Rawat
Warehouse Supervisor, Stainless Pipes & Fittings 

“I have been on many courses, all different and unique in their own. The course, Workplace Communication Skills presented by Allan Adams, was by far the best I have been too. 

This course was a complete package, unpredictable, funny, witty, understandable, no jargon and most of all, you learnt from it. The difference for me in this course was the presenter. Allan’s method of presenting made the difference.

I would like to thank the University of Western Australia Extension, for offering the best courses and finding the best presenters.

Job well done to you all and keep finding presenters of the same calibre as Allan Adams.”

Andrew Markovs
Manager, Men’s Resource Centre (Inc) 

“You spoke clearly and articulately from the heart on one of the most important subjects concerned with the quality of life and humanity. Especially for men.

From my years of working with males and also my own challenging life experiences, I believe that genuine expression of compassion is one of the key areas of ‘male reluctance’.

In some ways this is surprising given that many males are very connected to what they understand as passion, e.g. participation in or barracking for sport, but many still see compassion as a weakness.

I most appreciative of your focus on the strength of compassion and kindness in the making of boys and men.”

Lynda Winter
Manager, Employment Services, Fremantle Multicultural Centre 

“I was impressed with your ability to connect with our clients who are migrants and refugees, some with limited English and all new to the topic of working rights in Australia.

Feedback indicates that clients found the topic very useful; you were able to help them understand very complex topics, by explaining fully what each concept meant, without using jargon and not making any assumptions about prior knowledge.

I found your delivery style to be informative, patient and non judgemental and yet you were able to effectively navigate tricky questions and attitudes from clients who had limited understanding of the topic.

Thank you so much for your professionalism and genuine regard for our clients and willingness to assist them in the process of assimilating knowledge in a very complex western society.”

Philip Walker
Senior Education Officer. Dept Consumer & Employment Protection 

“This Communication course deals with complex issues in an elegantly simple and practical way. Allan’s innovative teaching style challenged participants to examine and improve their ability to communicate effectively.

This course is a must for everyone who wants to understand themselves and how they communicate with work colleagues, clients, friends and family.”

Robyn Roosendaal

“Allan has created a Communication course that encapsulates simplicity, logic and sequence in four enlightening lectures.

He delivers his teachings in a non-threatening environment making all participants feel safe enough to share their “story” and experiences.

I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to gain further understanding of the dynamics of communication.”

Bianca Vallentine 
UWA Extension Program Coordinator

“Allan Adams is an extremely personable lecturer who has challenged & inspired me.”

Quick quotes

Additional comments from workshop participants. 

  • It will help in building relationships and rapport with colleagues and customers.
  • I recommend this course because this topic demonstrates the bigger picture and will help in better understanding of actual communication.
  • We are all imperfect and can always strive to do better, thanks Allan.
  • It was BRILLIANT – I learnt so much
  • This course was absolute WOW for me!
  • This is benefiting the organisation on both levels – professionally and personally for the participants
  • This course helped me to understand my colleagues like never before and that is of great benefit to beneficial relationships
  • This course is self-revealing and helps to develop respect for each other
  • This course was very informative and courageous especially the true stories told.
  • Well structured, relevant, good examples and encouragement for participation. An engaging presentation.
  • This session was much needed and one of the best presentations I have attended.
  • Very well presented and interesting. Allan’s personal experiences put his presentation in perspective. Introduction was excellent.
  • I’ll take back most importantly to treat others how I want to be treated.
  • I would recommend this course because it was well pitched and easy to follow.
  • I would recommend this course because the behaviour of future leaders and managers would be targeted earlier in their careers.
  • Very informative and useful, information contained was easily understood and quite enlightening.